central Staff & Leadership

The staff and leadership here at Central is comprised of men and women who love, care and pray for every single person in the church. If you have questions for any of our staff, feel free to reach out and email them or call our church office to speak with them.

  • Dave Brink

    Senior Pastor

    Preaching has been his legacy, His grandfather, Archie Word, began just before the Great Depression and brought thousands to Christ in his revivals. His father was a small-town preacher who later became an elder. Dave had his own personal struggle with belief in God in his young adult years, but was able to see his way clearly to faith in Christ through the examination of evidence and then, in the empowerment of that knowledge, Christian ministry.

    He graduated from Bible college in Gering, Nebraska with a Bachelor of Sacred Literature Degree. He came to Portland, Oregon in 1977. After internship and ordination, became the minister of the Duke Street Church of Christ which later merged with Central Christian Church.

    He says, “It has been a joy to minister in one place for most of my adult life. I have watched many grow to maturity in their faith. I have seen babies born, grow up, and then they ask me to perform their weddings. My own children are now young adults. One works with me in full time ministry.”

    His passion is to follow Christ in making disciples starting with his family. He believes that is the main mission of the church as summarized in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). He knows this is humbling because he must live it out in his own life in order to accomplish it. 

    E-mail address:  daveb@centralchristianonline.net


  • Justin Brink

    Associate Pastor

    Justin grew up in the church as a preacher’s kid. You all know what they are like. All throughout high school he swore he would never become a preacher. In fact, he tried many other avenues that he wanted. However, God had different plans and one summer God spoke to him through summer camp. Now he has finished Bible College, is married to a wonderful woman, Becky, and has 4 wonderful daughters Allison, Mariah, Evangeline and Hope. He is living his dream working with his father. He loves both students and music and is able to work in both of those fields. His passions in life are his wife and daughters, watching people come to Christ, basketball, music, taco del mar, and Will Farrell. His favorite verse is Philippians 2:8. It always helps remind him of what God did for us. 

    E-mail address: justinb@centralchristianonline.net


  • Carol booker

    administrative assistant/ncb secretary

    Carol has been a Christian since 1975. She is married to a wonderful Christian man named Russ and she has two grown children. Carol came to work at Central in the year 2000. She enjoys being able to mix both her skills on the job as well as the ministries she participates in. She is involved in the women’s ministry and "Family Promise" ministry, along with her regular duties. Her greatest challenge is keeping the ministers organized. Sometimes, she has to resort to threatening to “doctor their coffee” to keep them in line. She loves working in place where the staff works in both love and harmony.  

    E-mail address: carolb@centralchristianonline.net


  • annette mcclure

    administrative assistant/cca administrative assistant

    Annette was baptized into Christ on March 23, 1986. She has worked for Central for 20 years and has done everything from preschool assistant, custodian, part-time secretary in the church office to Central Christian Academy administrative assistant. 

    E-mail address: annettem@centralchristianonline.net